Types Of Sarees Which Are Fave Of Every Bengali During Durga Pujas


As the word ‘Durga Puja’ comes in head, the image of whole rituals and festive vibes starts rolling. It is one of the most celebrated and devoted festival of our country. And Bengalis don’t let any stone unturned in these auspicious days. They solemnize it in a most passionate and lively way. Even non-bengalis are also fond of their way of performing this holy festival and hop into the celebration. That is why Indians are simply amazing. They know how to set the stage!!!

Bengali women are very particular about the choice of saris for these days. I believe facility to buy sarees online has been created for them only because they need them the most. They just can’t compromise with their outfit for this occasion. And I just love this fact. Don’t you??? Adorned with heavy metallic or gold jewellery, they look like Indian goddesses. The charm and poise are the natural features of Bong women. They never let them go from their appearance. After all, real beauty is what lies inside.

Most picked sarees on Durga puja are either silk sarees or cotton based sarees. They remain in high demand on these days due to their texture and smoothness of fabric.

Let me show you some instant picks of women for Durga Puja!!

Cotton Sarees


Cotton sarees are most comfortable and easy to carry ethnic attire. Its high quality fabric and soft texture makes it the best clothing for any weather. Also, the colours used for cotton clothes are unique and rejuvenating. They have their own language to communicate. Am I saying wrong???

And thanks to online market, you can buy cotton sarees online with complete ease and satisfaction.

 Silk Sarees


This is the most commonly used fabric during Durga puja. It stays high in demand due to its rich colours and luminous texture. Well, you can have an idea about it by looking at this gorgeous still of Sushmita Sen from Durga puja only. She is totally rocking this Durga puja special saree with her splendid looks.

 Art Silk Sarees


For those who do not want to spend a lot for one occasion, art silk is the best substitute for pure silk. It allows same comfort and richness in terms of fabric. Plus it is suitable for all weather types. Art silk is a synthetically produced fabric which resembles like pure silk.

One of the best designer sarees nowadays.

Banarasi Saree


This is my all time fave for wedding and big occasions. And the best part about banarasi saree is that it is never out of fashion and is always considered as the most ravishing and exceptional among other sarees.

And when the world’s most gorgeous lady is wearing it, all words of praise fell short.

Bengali Netted Lace Saree


This lace style saree is the traditional attire of Bengalis. You can also see bold bindi on forehead. This festive vibe is simply awesome.

So flaunt your beautiful curvaceous body with these best designer sarees on this Durga puja.