What Associate Attorneys Do In Law Firms

An associate attorney is an individual who aims to become a lawyer and an employee of a law firm by assisting the attorney. An associate attorney tries to gain the relevant legal knowledge and skills that will help him to manage the duties and responsibilities of the attorney. Earlier, associate attorneys were known as law clerks or junior attorneys. Nowadays, the term ‘law clerk’ is used for an attorney or lawyer who works as a research and writing assistant in a judge’s chambers.

There are some law firms that use the term ‘law clerk’ to address a lawyer or a non-lawyer who has professional knowledge in one of the practice areas of the company but is not licensed to be a practicing attorney at the law firm. Working as an associate attorney is an entry level job and it does not provide him an ownership interest as a partner. The job provides him to understand the basics of legal procedures, handling clients, conducting research and making presentations in the court for the benefit of the client.

Mostly recent law school graduates in their first year of law practice join a law firm as a junior or senior associate attorney. After attaining many years of practice experience and doing important and financially rewarding tasks, an associate attorney aims to be made a partner in the law firm. However, some law companies do not have the policy to promote the employees as partners even if they perform satisfactorily, for whatever reason. Generally, current law students who have finished their second year of law school or in certain cases, their first year of law school get an opportunity to work as summer associates or interns at the law firm during the summer. It is to be noted that summer associates should not be misunderstood as attorney as they have not passed the bar exam. However, after completing their graduation from the law school, the summer associates have the chance to be recruited by the law firms as full-time associates. Top and reputed law firms in major US legal markets like California, Massachusetts, Texas and New York offer salary to their first year associate attorneys within a range of $160,000 to $180,000 per year, as per a recent report.

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Ideal candidate must have knowledge of Plaintiff Personal Injury practices and Personal Injury files. He or she should be willing to train the right candidate and work with senior partner and other attorneys. Candidate must have good leadership skills to manage and guide a legal staff of about 10 employees. Candidate must be willing to work in a fast paced environment and possess the know-how of law procedures and policies.

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