Types Of Diamond Rings From Polished Diamonds!

It is true that Diamonds are women’s companion and it’s quite fatal mix if they are inserted in bands. There are several occasions if you purchase diamond bands specially when there are effective discount period on diamond jewellery. Mostly these rings are purchased for the objective of engagement.

 The history pattern of these diamond engagement rings is dated back to 15th century. With coming years and centuries the designs of diamond rings also evolved from traditional look to more elegant and sophisticated look and with every passing generation a new enticing charm of diamond rings are discovered. You will find graceful however elegant fashion of diamond rings around the world to-day but when it comes to buying the best that again you need to trust the collection of most reliable diamond dealer Polished Diamonds in NZ.

 Diamond Rings

Throughout these early centuries there were limited choices on diamond rings in terms of colour and pattern but you will find a wide array of options on diamond rings these days whether it’s in colour or type. Even the admiration of the diamond ring is determined by its cut so let’s see some wonderful and different types of diamond pieces.

  1. Round Brilliant diamond ringsAbout 60-65% diamond offered in the market are in round form that is why it’s considered among the most common kinds of cut in diamonds.
  2. Oval shaped diamond ringsIn order to give you the illusion of longer hands oval shaped diamonds are often used in bands. More over the oval shaped diamonds are common for reflecting light well.
  3. Marquise shaped diamond ringsMarquise diamonds are slender and long but are slightly thicker in heart usually they’re very much like oval shaped diamonds. The Pear shaped stone is actually the centre name of marquise and oval shape.
  4. Heart shaped diamond ringIt’s quite difficult to get the ideal heart shaped diamond. But if you are looking for specifically this shape with excellent brilliance then it is time to browse the collection of diamond rings from Polished Diamonds.

Making the right selection on diamond jewellery require a perfect combination of creativity, comprehensive knowledge on diamonds and use of latest technology and these all attributes you will discover in the collection on Polished Diamonds. They are considered one of the best dealers in New Zealand for diamond jewellery including rings, pendants and earrings.

What are you waiting for? Browse the collection of diamond rings from polished diamonds today for best buy.

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