The Multi-Million Pound Industry of Sporting Fashion

One of the biggest grumbles in modern day sport is the huge price tags attached to replica jerseys – with most costing between £40 and £50. The main reason behind such an extortionate pricing model is the brand, with manufacturers paying millions of pounds every year to have their name attributed to certain teams. Suffice to say, the expensive nature of the industry has meant that most sporting kits are regarded as fashion items and are produced by some of the biggest clothing brands in the world.

We’ll now take a look at just how much some of these companies are prepared to pay when it comes to manufacturing kits for the major teams across sport out there.Adidas – Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern MunichWhen it comes to football, there’s no doubt that Adidas rule the roost. Their deal with Real Madrid is currently the biggest shirt deal in the sport, with this being worth an estimated £31m per year.

Industry of Sporting Fashion

Furthermore, it’s one that’s not going to end anytime soon, with the deal expiring in 2020.They’ve also recently signed a massive contract with Chelsea to provide their clothing, with this said to be worth around £30m per year.

With the brand being a long-term associate of German club Bayern Munich as well, it is clear to see that they are desperate to plaster their famous three stripes across the major players in European football. Of course, it’s not just football that Adidas endorses and if you switch to most sporting events, you will see a high number of athletes donning the brand’s products which are all usually available at Birmingham Runner.

Puma – ArsenalWhen it comes to fashionable sportswear, Puma is nowadays at the back of a lot of people’s mind. While the manufacturer is unquestionably one of the biggest players in the clothing industry, over recent years they seem to have taken a backseat and allowed the likes of Adidas and Nike to takeover in sport.However, it looks as though they might be making a resurgence.

They’ve just signed a huge £30m per year deal with Arsenal, which means that they jointly hold the biggest kit sponsorship package in the UK. Whether or not it is sufficient to make them one of the top players in sports fashion is another matter, but they are taking serious steps to try and make it happen.

Nike – Barcelona, Manchester United and the NFLIf we’re talking about one of the most fashionable brands in sport, few people would argue that Nike are well up there. Unsurprisingly, the brand has invested heavily in professional apparel and sponsors some of the biggest teams in the world.

Their deal with Barcelona is estimated at £27m per year, while they also hold a £23.5m contract with Manchester United.If we look away from football, Nike have made massive headway over the pond. Back in 2012 they signed a $1.1 billion deal to provide all of the apparel for the NFL. Suffice to say, this is only going to cement their place in the sports fashion industry and perhaps allow them to become the market leader.

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