The Hype Around Chocolate Diamond® Engagements

Becoming engaged to the person you love can be the most memorable moment of your life. Besides the emotional reward of meeting the one person you can spend your life with, the way you get engaged also holds great importance. One of the significant aspects of your engagement is the ring. Whether you are the one buying it or receiving it, an engagement ring holds more power than you can imagine.

For centuries diamonds have been at the forefront of the engagement ring industry. As of late, Chocolate Diamonds® have become the new trend in wedding rings. There is a lot of thought and hype behind a Chocolate Diamond® product, especially when it comes to rings. For example, their quality, the size, the intensity of the color and the retail markup are all a part of this new hype around brown diamonds.

Hype Around Chocolate Diamond

The Chocolate Diamond® Popularity

LeVian has earned a reputable position in the diamond world with their Chocolate Diamonds®. Their marketing has led to an ordinary brown industrial diamond becoming one of the rarest and most sought out jewels in the international market. Some people even consider them to be better than normal crystal ones. The importance given to the image and desirability of Chocolate Diamonds® is what made them so popular for engagements. With their high quality and prominent colors, more people are choosing their engagement diamond from LeVian.

Is the Hype Real?

There is a rising curiosity around these novel Chocolate Diamond® engagement rings. But why have these stones taken over the international market so quickly?

Less Expensive

A regular diamond engagement ring is quite hiked up in price and may cost up to $8000, depending on the carat and clarity. Instead of wasting a lot of extra money on a colorless stone, people are opting for the less costly Chocolate Diamond®. Not only do they make engagement rings look special and unique but they will also not destroy your bank balance.

Celebrity Status

LeVian designed and released new collections of Chocolate Diamond® rings exclusively for celebrities. So when Rihanna and J-Lo adorned these rings at high profile events, it raised more public awareness for this fashion forward trend. The prices were considerably less than traditional diamonds and people realized they could get a colored engagement ring for as low as $750.

A Personalized Symbol

These diamonds have broken the template and mold of regular engagement rings. This way people can design a personalized experience for their partner. The design of a unique chocolate rings speaks volumes about how much you love your partner, and you can accomplish it at a fraction of the original price.

Investment Opportunity

Diamonds truly are forever and they only go up in price. This is also true for Chocolate Diamonds® so in ten years’ time, your wife’s engagement ring could be twice what you paid for it! Chocolate Diamond®  stones do not wear off or degrade, so they are a perfect choice for investment.


The hype around Chocolate Diamonds® is real, especially in engagements. And with all of its perks, it’s no wonder the trend is continuing.

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