Stuck for a Fancy Dress Costume? Think Kigurumi

Fancy dress functions are great fun and are a super opportunity to express the fun side of your personality. You can go as whoever or whatever you like and no one will think anything of it because the object of the exercise is to have a good time. Sometimes, though, it can be tough making up your mind what to wear.

Themed functions are comparatively simple, but if there is no theme the headaches sometimes begin – a free hand often means that there are just too many choices. Luckily for you, Kigurumi has come to the rescue with a range of animal onsies that are comfortable, easy to wear and, most important, just great fun.

Fancy Dress Costume

So what sort of mood are you in? If you are feeling playful a monkey or kitten will suit you well. Or, if you on the prowl, how about a tiger? The Kigurumi catalogue will have an animal onesie that will suit your mood and personality.

Take up the challenge. This is your chance to indulge in what the Japanese call cosplay, so don’t just wear your onesie, act out the role and become it (but just in fun – we wouldn’t want an alligator chewing through the other party guests now, would we!)The beauty of animal onesies is that you be independent or you can get together with friends and go as a group – a herd of elephants or a troop of playful monkeys.

 And you can always make your onesie a little more unique by adding an accessory or two – perhaps a mouse if you are a cat or some bananas or peanuts for the monkey outfit (very handy if you get peckish.)Kigurumi animal onesies are great for fancy dress or other party occasions and will attract many admiring looks, so be careful that you don’t fall into a hunter’s trap.

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