Recycled Leather Bags Are The New Trend

Bags are the most necessary accessory if you want to complete a perfect outfit.

For decades in a row, handbags were the basic accessory for the women, but nowadays, both women and men, are sharing the need of carrying a lot of basic things during their everyday life.

As the years pass by and the people are getting more and more modern, they realize the need of becoming friendlier with the environment and learn how to use properly every resource or every product. That is the main reason why recycled leather bags are the new fashion trend in handbags.

A family company in Greece, 4bag, exists since the 1967 and started to produce its own products. The handmade bags of 4bag are the perfect way to upgrade your style.

Handmade bags for women all over Europe

The last 5 years the handmade bags from recycled leather are at the door of every European by the online shop with bags

The e-shop has more than 1000 bags and it is renewed at a daily base with new products and categories.

The most known brand bags by a click  

The brand name is what makes your bag to stand out from the others. We love the brand bags because they are of great quality and that makes as differentiate from the crowd.

The modern and powerful women and men, who understand the rules of fashion, want the best for themselves.

What is your favorite brand? Along with our companies greek handmade bags and italian handmade bags you can also find on our online shop the most known brand bags.

The best part of the e-shop with bags is the bags in sales, a single page full of brand name products at very low prices!

No money down and 6 installments

Enjoy you online shopping today with no money down and 6 interest free installments with your credit card! We are also accepting paypal payments and all the major credit and debit cards.

For any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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