5 Ways to Spice Up Your Thrift Clothing Finds

Thrift store shopping may seem less glamorous than hopping around the downtown mall, but there are tons of treasures waiting to be discovered at your local thrift store. As a culture, we tend to seek out new, poorly made clothes rather than shop a thrift store in an effort to keep up with trends.

But the beauty (or frustration) with fashion trends is they are very much cyclical. What’s more, you can often find high-quality hand-me-downs a thrift store at a much lower price point than if you were to buy new. Many thrift store aficionados love finding vintage pieces that have come back into style after years.

And the savviest of thrift store shoppers know how to see the potential in the abandoned pieces that adorn the shelves of thrift stores. Sometimes, with a little tweak, a forlorn piece of clothing can shine again. Try out some of these tips for your thrift store clothing finds.

Thrift Clothing Finds

Add to it

Either to suit your own personal aesthetic, make an item more modest, or to fit a piece in the latest trends, you can add wardrobe elements to your thrift store find to give the piece new life or a fresh take on an old look. Some easy fixes include adding a cardigan or bolero, pairing with leggings or donning a skirt extender to give an old piece a completely different take. It can be amazing the difference small additions can have.

Accessorize it

Perhaps nothing transforms an outfit more or gives a more complete look than the proper accessories. Jewelry is an easy place to start — with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, brooches, (all of which you can also pick up at a local thrift store for some unique finds!).

But don’t limit yourself there. Suspenders are a cute funky way to dress up new pants. Belts, both regular and fashion ones, can transform a dress into a look and hats can complete any look.

Repair it

Let’s be real, sometimes thrift store buys are diamonds in the rough. For a high-quality piece, it can be worth it to buy with the intent to repair it or shine it up if the raw materials are still good. You can do any number of repairs like changing buttons or zippers. For wool or woven pieces, it’s easy to remove pilled fibers using a shaving razor blade and tying off ends on the interior of the fabric. Or for jean fabrics, you can go the opposite way, distressing it more for the style.

Alter it

If a piece has a faded color, you can buy relatively cheap fabric dyes to spruce it up. You could also change its color pretty easily using bleach and a new dye, just make sure you follow the proper instructions and wash carefully afterwards.

For skirts and pants, you can hem them or let them out to suit the current trends in length. Or, again for pieces deemed high enough quality, consider taking it to a tailor to have it customized to your body. It can be a worthy expense to wear truly fantastic vintage pieces.

Remove trinkets or baubles

Some pieces inexplicably have a lot of baubles or trinkets that do nothing to improve the look of the outfit (we’re looking at you, jackets from the 80s.) Or these baubles have been worn over time and make the piece look old. So do away with them. They often are loosely sewn on and are easily removed, immediately improving the look of the clothing and modernizing it as well.

Don’t skimp on the local thrift store. With patience and a keen eye, and sometimes a few strategies to spice up your finds, you can pick up amazing clothes.

Girls Must Have These Trendy Wear in Wardrobe for Party-occasion

Fashion clothing in India has a distinct signature that sets it apart from the rest of the world. And the signature strength comes from its own soil. Indian fashion industry has reached the highest vistas of success and worldwide acclaim. However, they never fail to acknowledge and endorse the incredible craftsmanship and traditional clothing styles that inspire them in all their innovations.

 People of India love to celebrate every small occasion, achievement, religious ceremonies with their friends and family. The incredibly party loving people that the Indians are known to be, the women of this country are also known to splurge free handedly on fashion clothing for themselves as well as for gifting purpose.

The Magic That Makes Party Wear Salwar Suits So Irresistible

Indian outfits are addictive simply because of the largest ever variety that they offer in terms of fabric, color and craftsmanship. This statement holds true particularly in the case of buying party wear salwar suits. You start shopping with the purpose to pick one set; then you pick another one and then another one and so on. The best part about salwar suits is that you can get the best of the designs, style, fabric and even embroidery at unbelievable prices only if you know where to buy from.   You can also contact to women clothing suppliers who can offer best range with best offer.

The credit for making such an incredible collection available to the customers at such affordable price points goes to the smart retailers. And ever since the advent of the online fashion websites, reaching out to the customers with the most beautiful creations from all across India has become much easier. From simple cotton suits to elaborate silk ones with embroidery, incredible texture and fabric quality – all this and more are available at these fashion websites.

Be The Centre of Attraction At Every Party

Salwar Suits are the most versatile attire that can be worn as a casual wear as well as for parties. There is not a single occasion that can make a woman wearing salwar suit look out of place. It is one attire that compliments every body type as well as age groups. More so, there is not a single fashion element available in India that cannot be put to use for making the salwar suits exclusive.

Right from tie and dye to batik print to myriads of patters of block and screen printing to embroidery work such as kantha work, gotapatti, appliqué and much more – are put to use with the purpose of giving shape to the most favored fashion wear in India. And thanks to the ecommerce websites that makes it possible to purchase these beautiful salwar suits right from the comfort of your own house.

What Makes Buying Salwar Suits Online So Much Fun

Thanks to the technological advancements that have made it possible to pick up your favorite salwar kameez without having to visit a shop. Now, you can acquire your salwar suits from the online webportals. All you need to do is visit these smoothly operable and easily navigable websites and browse through the widest range of salwar suits available. Further, pay through the safest payment getaways or pay cash when you get the item delivered at your doorstep.

The websites hosting women fashion wear have by far the most exhaustive collection for women’s clothing. Especially the ones that have listed the traditional outfits are rare and exclusive. In the crowd of online fashion retailers, it is indeed a pleasure to find a website that lists traditional Indian outfits in all its beauty and exclusivity.  Indeed, a girls wardrobe is incomplete as long as she does not have these trendy wear in her wardrobe.

Tips for Ramping Up Your Personal Style on a Budget

The constant barrage of style and fashion images on nearly every media outlet can be truly overwhelming. Step back and take the time to discover your own personal style. You don’t need an enormous budget or pencil thin figure to define your fashion favorites.  Take these recommendations from the professional stylist and you’ll soon be sporting a look that’s fashion forward and budget friendly.

Personal Style on a Budget

The first step is to take stock of the pieces in your closet. Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?  Spend an afternoon making piles for donation or consignment. You’ll have a better idea of the pieces that you truly wear and enjoy. Toss the ancient sweats from college and the pieces you haven’t worn in years. They’re taking up valuable real estate in your closet and in your mind!  Take a video of the interior of your closet. This is a little known secret from the professional stylists. The next time you go shopping, you’ll be able to peruse the video to confirm that you have a matching piece to the single item you’re debating on purchasing. If you’re like most women, you have all too many single pieces that go with nothing and never make it off the hanger once you’ve brought them home. Avoid this simple mistake with a video of your wardrobe. How easy is that?

One of the greatest ways to ramp up your style is by the use of accessories. Affordable and abundant, scarves, belts and fun jewelry can take any outfit from bland to wow in no time!  Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the huge array of accessories available at Rue21.com.  It’s simple to transform a basic outfit for the office to a fun ensemble for dinner with the smart use of a few fun accessories. The other bonus with ramping up your wardrobe with accessories is the savings!  Check out consignment store for great deals on the latest must have accessories – you’ll really be in the savings there!

Follow The Top 12 Fashion Styles In 2017

If you’re a self-confessed fashionista and are interested in adding a few new pieces to your 2017 wardrobe, simply continue reading to discover 12 fashion trends, that are set to take the fashion world by storm.

Top 12 fashion styles that will affect your life in 2017:

1. Statement sneakers

Statement sneakers

If you prefer stylish flats to six-inch heels, you’re in luck as statement sneakers are trendy again. Whilst 2016 was all about Stan Smith sneakers, 2017 is all about statement kicks which boast bold patterns and colors. Don’t be surprised if half of your friends invest in a pair of animal print sneakers. If you’re on the shorter side and need all the help you can get, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief as high heel sneakers are also hitting this year’s catwalks.

2. Striped pants

Striped pants

Whilst you may have owned your fair share of staple navy and white striped tees, in 2017 expect to see striped pants hanging in all of your favorite clothing stores. As the weather heats up, you may be tempted to pair a stylish pair of loose, high waisted, striped pants with a crop top and a pair of high heel, leather sandals. For a grungier look, simply style a pair of black and white striped skinny jeans, with a leather jacket.

3. Classic trench coats

Classic trench coats

If you don’t have a trench coat hanging in your wardrobe, do yourself a favor and invest in a high-quality trench coat, that you’ll wear throughout spring, summer, and fall. If you can’t afford an iconic Burberry trench coat, don’t worry as inexpensive stores such as H&M and Forever 21 stock more affordable options. If you’re looking for a trench coat, that’s on trend, opt for a style which boasts an oversized buckle.

4. Athleisure


If you’re a self-confessed gym bunny, it’s time to thank the fashion gods as athleisure is a trend, that’s here to stay. For an everyday outfit that will take you from the gym to the grocery store, to lunch with your friends, pair a flattering pair of figure hugging Lululemon tights with a bright colored tank and a pair of Nike kicks. If you have an aversion to Lululemon, it’s well worth checking out J Crew’s line of athleisure wear. Alternatively, Stella McCartney also designs athleisure for Addidas, which is worn by a variety of celebrities. An example of which includes tennis pro-Caroline Wozniacki.

5. Platform heels

Platform heels

It’s time to ditch last year’s high heel loafers, for a pair of kick ass platforms. If you were too young to sport a pair of Platforms, during the Spice Girls’ heyday, it’s well worth forking out for a pair of platform heels in 2017 as they are set to become one of 2017’s hottest trends. If you’re looking to splurge Balenciaga has you covered, whilst if you’re looking for a pair of platform’s which won’t break the bank head to ASOS.

6. Metallic mini dresses

Metallic mini dresses

Switch up your classic little black dress for one of 2017 ‘s hottest trends a metallic mini dress. A variety of designer brands such as Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent have recently debuted head-turning metallic mini dresses, during their runway shows. A metallic mini dress is a great investment piece as you’ll be able to wear it to your friends’ birthdays and engagement parties. Better yet, when you’re broke from Christmas and New Years rolls around, you’ll have the perfect party dress, hanging in your wardrobe.

7. Flower power

Flower power

If metallic mini dresses aren’t quite your cup of tea, you may be more excited about the floral trend which is taking 2017 by storm. Not only are floral shirtdresses exceptionally popular this year but you can also expect to see pieces such as floral bomber jackets and floral rompers, hitting your favorite clothing stores. Some examples of brands which have already stocked stylish floral pieces include Michael Kors, Coach, and Dolce & Gabbana.

8. Army style fatigues

Army style fatigues

One way to successfully incorporate 2017’s army fatigue trend into your wardrobe is to purchase staple pieces such as a military green, drop waisted, shirt dress and an army inspired winter coat. If you are interested in turning heads, why not opt for a military style coat which boasts large coin style buttons? If you’re sick of wearing jeans on an everyday basis, you may also be interested in adding a fashion forward pair of skinny fit khaki pants to your wardrobe.

9. Bridal-inspired dresses

Bridal-inspired dresses

You don’t have to wait till your wedding day, to wear head to toe white. 2017 is definitely the year of bridal inspired casual and formal dresses. Expect to see floaty, white maxi dresses and white lace midi dresses, take the fashion world by storm. If you’re planning a summer getaway, it’s well worth investing in a floor length, the white maxi that will take you from the beach to a romantic dinner, for two. Some examples of designers who have released bridal inspired dresses as part of their 2017 Spring collections include J Mendel, Rodarte, Erdem and Michael Kors.

10. Plaid coats

Plaid coats

When fall arrives, expect to see plaid and tartan style wool coats, in the windows of all of your favorite stores. In fact, a variety of designers such as Victoria Beckham and Rachel Zoe, have already debuted plaid coats for 2017. If you’re particularly brave you may want to opt for a plaid coat which boasts a fun, fur collar.

11. Pinafore style dresses

Pinafore style dresses

If you never attended a private school, chances are that youVe never owned a pinafore style dress. However, pinafore style dresses, are set to be one of 2017’s most popular trends. To style a pinafore dress, layer a white v neck tee or a white shirt underneath your pinafore style dress. To complete your look, add a pair of brogues or ankle boots to your look. Alternatively, pinafore dresses can also be styled with turtlenecks.

12. Backless, leather loafers

Backless, leather loafers

Backless, leather loafers are a style staple as they can be worn with dresses, skirts, shorts and a pair of basic skinny jeans. As they are so versatile, you may also find that backless leather loafer, make a fantastic alternative to wearing stilettos to work.

So what are you waiting for? Why not hit your favorite stores, in order to update your wardrobe for the year ahead?

Types Of Sarees Which Are Fave Of Every Bengali During Durga Pujas


As the word ‘Durga Puja’ comes in head, the image of whole rituals and festive vibes starts rolling. It is one of the most celebrated and devoted festival of our country. And Bengalis don’t let any stone unturned in these auspicious days. They solemnize it in a most passionate and lively way. Even non-bengalis are also fond of their way of performing this holy festival and hop into the celebration. That is why Indians are simply amazing. They know how to set the stage!!!

Bengali women are very particular about the choice of saris for these days. I believe facility to buy sarees online has been created for them only because they need them the most. They just can’t compromise with their outfit for this occasion. And I just love this fact. Don’t you??? Adorned with heavy metallic or gold jewellery, they look like Indian goddesses. The charm and poise are the natural features of Bong women. They never let them go from their appearance. After all, real beauty is what lies inside.

Most picked sarees on Durga puja are either silk sarees or cotton based sarees. They remain in high demand on these days due to their texture and smoothness of fabric.

Let me show you some instant picks of women for Durga Puja!!

Cotton Sarees


Cotton sarees are most comfortable and easy to carry ethnic attire. Its high quality fabric and soft texture makes it the best clothing for any weather. Also, the colours used for cotton clothes are unique and rejuvenating. They have their own language to communicate. Am I saying wrong???

And thanks to online market, you can buy cotton sarees online with complete ease and satisfaction.

 Silk Sarees


This is the most commonly used fabric during Durga puja. It stays high in demand due to its rich colours and luminous texture. Well, you can have an idea about it by looking at this gorgeous still of Sushmita Sen from Durga puja only. She is totally rocking this Durga puja special saree with her splendid looks.

 Art Silk Sarees


For those who do not want to spend a lot for one occasion, art silk is the best substitute for pure silk. It allows same comfort and richness in terms of fabric. Plus it is suitable for all weather types. Art silk is a synthetically produced fabric which resembles like pure silk.

One of the best designer sarees nowadays.

Banarasi Saree


This is my all time fave for wedding and big occasions. And the best part about banarasi saree is that it is never out of fashion and is always considered as the most ravishing and exceptional among other sarees.

And when the world’s most gorgeous lady is wearing it, all words of praise fell short.

Bengali Netted Lace Saree


This lace style saree is the traditional attire of Bengalis. You can also see bold bindi on forehead. This festive vibe is simply awesome.

So flaunt your beautiful curvaceous body with these best designer sarees on this Durga puja.

How To Accessorize With Your Outfit

You’re ready to go out with your friends, head out on a date or pick out your clothes for school or work. What should you wear? This question always comes up for a true style star like you.  It is a bummer when you feel like the answer is always: Buy a whole new outfit!  Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Instead of buying a whole new look every time you want to look and feel amazing you can learn how to accessorize with the outfit that you already have in your closet. You would be surprised how the right jewelry, sunglasses, hat, leg warmers or other accessories can give you a totally different look. Let’s walk through creating a new look with the same clothes by just adding new accessories that don’t cost much.

 Accessorize With Your Outfit

You can find a way to incorporate new pieces by thinking about your style from head to toe.HeadLet’s take it from the top—the top of your head that is!  Wear a hat to give your outfit a different look.  If your clothes are all one color, like black, try a bright hat for a noticeable pop of color. If you can’t find a hat you like, try a colorful scarf with a bold print or pattern. There are all kinds of ways to tie a scarf and make a statement and this works for girls and guys.

If you are not sure about which colors to mix and match use a color wheel to inspire color combinations you might not have thought about.FaceA pair of LBGs—large black glasses—can be the perfect edgy accessory to punch up almost any outfit. Or, try different shapes and colors of glasses, even the clear nerd look to add some fun and variety to your look.NeckAdd some flair to your clothes by draping a scarf around your neck or wearing a bold necktie.

 If neither one of these is your thing think about a bold statement necklace or layering several small necklaces.Arms, Waist, LegsIf you figure out how to accessorize with your outfit by dressing up your arms, waist or legs, then you can really make a fashion statement because these areas provide so many different options.

Your arms, wrists and hands give you the opportunity to rock:BraceletsCloth or jewelry sleeves and cuffsPatches and pinsRingsWatchesOn your waist and chest you can wear a:BeltScarfChainPocket watchBody jewelryYour legs and feet are a great way to show off:Leg warmersBoots and shoesAnkletsKnee highsFun socksThe key to accessorizing well is deciding on one or two areas to make stand out. You don’t want to accessorize every part of your body. That is too dramatic and actually takes away from your style. Instead decide on one or two areas to add pops of style and make sure they are not competing.

Also, think about mixing colors, fabric, textures and patterns to add some variety which makes an outfit stand out more.Most important of all: Have fun with your clothes and accessories!  Style is less about the clothes and more about how you uniquely express yourself.

So ignore trends, do things that are cool to you, even if you have to wear a school uniform, and use these head-to-toe tips to totally express yourself with new accessories that feel like they were made just for you!Written by Edmond A. Edmond loves the fashion world and one day wants to write for a fashion magazine.

The Benefits of using an Online Venue Finding Service

These online professionals visits and lists various venues for your convenience. Venue finding services providers then catalog the venues in their books, according to certain elements. The following article explores how these services can aid someone looking for an ideal function venue.

The Venues are chosen as per your specifications – You simply fill out your function’s requirements and the venue finding specialists will return to you with a custom list of venues which meets all you prerequisites, like the location, style of venue, and the amount of guests that will be attending.

Online Venue Finding Service

There is no obligation to use the venues set forth for you -Therefore there is no pressure to accept any of the presented function venues found by the service.

It’s a completely free online service – The function venue’s owners typically pay the venue finding service a small fee/commission for sending business their way. The majority of good venue finding services will provide you with a list of venues which is free of charge, although there are some who necessitates payment.

This service saves you a boat load of time – Having a service to consolidate hundreds of potential venues down to a dozen frees up a considerable amount of time, which can you use to focus on other facets of your function/event.

Furthermore, it saves you inconvenience and energy. Visualize visiting each venue to find the ideal one, only to discover that a particular venue doesn’t have the required space, or is simply unacceptable for your party. An online venue finding service can exclude these venues early in the process, so you will only have to visit a minimal amount of venues personally.

The service provides you with a wide variety of function venues to choose from. These specialist venue finding services have extensive lists of venues, therefore they might be able to present you with an options you weren’t aware of.The venue finding service isn’t biased.

 There are a lot of phony reviews on the internet, which was created by function venue to portray their services and venue in a better light. As a result of this, it can become quite challenging to distinguish which reviews are real and which are not. Any good venue finding service would’ve filtered the crap venues from the good one – which leaves you with only the best venue to pick from.

Budget considerations – If you have a tight budget for the event, a good venue finding service might be able to recommend venues that are free of charge.

A few venues does this, since they can still make money from drink sales.There are numerous advantages to using a specialist online venue finding service. It will save you time, energy, money and a lot of frustration – So why not try it?

Matching Your Swimsuit to Your Body Type

    1. The Hourglass FigureHaving an hourglass figure means that your waist is much smaller than your hips or bust. Celebrities with hourglass-shaped bodies include Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johansson, and Salma Hayek.If you have an hourglass body shape, you should choose a swimsuit that defines your waist and holds your breasts tightly. If you are a skinny or tall hourglass figure, you can comfortably go for string bikinis. To show off your legs, you can wear a high-cut bottom. If you are top heavy, you can go for underwire or halter style. However, you should be careful with the colour of your swimsuit. For you to achieve perfect and admirable proportionality, make sure that the top and bottom have matching colors.

Swimsuit to Your Body

  1. Triangular Body ShapeA triangular body shape is characterised by large hips and thighs, small chest, and narrow shoulders. Celebrities with this type of body shape include Eve Mendes, Rihanna, and Shakira.With a triangular body shape, you should go for a strapless bandeau bikini top and a pair of boy shorts. If you want your chest to look bigger, you can go for a padded bikini top. Choose colours and patterns that can offer you a perfect body balance. Bold/bright colours and patterns can help you greatly in drawing attention while dark colours and patterns minimise attention.
  2. Rectangular Body ShapeA rectangular body shape is characterised by a compact waist, wide shoulders, and proportional hips and bust. Celebrities with this type of body shape include Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue, and Kate Hudson.With a rectangular body shape, girly bow, ties, and frame details will definitely accentuate your hips and bust and rid you of that box frame. If you want to get more defined curves, go for one-piece suits and monokinis. If you a skinny rectangular figure, choose from a variety of padded and runched tops as they will make you look bigger and more attractive.
  3. Inverted Triangle Body ShapeA woman with inverted triangle body shape tends to carry a lot of weight around her upper torso, especially around her bust and shoulders. Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore, and Jessica Simpson are some of the few celebrities with inverted triangular shape bodies.If you have an inverted triangular body shape, you should go for an underwire bikini top with thick straps. Avoid strapless swimsuits as much as possible. To achieve a uniform and desirable body balance, make sure that the top covers much of your upper torso.
  4. Athletic or Boy-Shaped BodyA woman with an athletic or boy-shaped body can be defined as a woman with no waist or hips. She has broad shoulders and undefined waists. If you have this type of body shape, it is advisable for you to go for one-piece suit with a high-on-the-thigh out. Alternatively, you can also opt for a belted waistline suit in order to get a girly appearance. For a more feminine look, you should make sure that the swimsuit has a pretty pattern and detailing.

Things to Consider When Collecting Valuable Judaica

I grew up collecting things: old buttons, matchbook covers, and Madame Alexander dolls. While these items were interesting to me for a short period, it was not until I discovered Judaica that I found an enduring fascination with collecting. While some collectors of Judaica are not Jewish, I find connecting to my Jewish roots is part of why this particular genre of collecting has been part of my life for decades. The passion built slowly. I began collecting dreidels when I was a teenager and gradually moved on to more valuable Judaica items.

Valuable Judaica

Determining the Value of JudaicaThat brings up the question of who or what determines the value of a piece of Judaica. It’s easy for a person to know what is valuable to him or herself, but knowing what is valuable to someone else is tricky.Anything pertaining to the Jewish religion–Passover Seder plates, Kiddush cups, books, maps of Israel–can be classified as Judaica. All of these items can range from being relatively worthless to being objectively valuable.

 A seasoned collector will know the difference between these extremes in value. The value is determined by a combination of the availability of the item, its condition, its age, and its importance in terms of history and art. A novice collector will usually have to depend on using credible sources to know the true value of an item. If the goal is to begin or augment a Judaica collection with high value items, it is imperative to use expert guidance in making purchases.

Deciding What Judaica to CollectGenerally, antique Judaica–especially high quality sterling silver–will be worth more than newer items and reproductions. Authentic antique Judaica can be pricey, but it also holds its value and appreciates steadily.If a collector has a limited budget but is attracted to collecting silver items, it might be better to start with more modern pieces of silver, which tend to be less expensive to purchase. Another approach is to focus on small silver items from a particular era, such as the early days of Israel statehood.

Silver plated and porcelain items can also be wise choices for collecting. Just as there is a range in sterling silver prices, collectors can find attractive items at both ends of the price scale.

Collecting Judaica That You LikeThe most important consideration in is to focus on the items that please you aesthetically or delight you in some way. This allows you to enjoy the intrinsic value of the items in the collection, while building a valuable Judaica collection.