Know What To Do In Car Accidents

Are you involved in a car accident in the United States? Know here some tips before initiating the process.

Stop the car immediately and move the car off the road. If your car has a breakdown on a fast road, make sure not to stay in your vehicle as there are possibilities that other vehicles may run into you. You must report to the police all the required details as failing to give particulars of the accident to the police is a serious offence.

 In case anyone is injured, call for an ambulance, fire department and the police. Use the motorist aid call boxes to request help for breakdowns and car accidents. If you are qualified to give first-aid, then give or else do not move the injured person from his place. Do not leave him alone and take all the required precautions to save him from further injury.

If you or your known one has experienced the severe, permanent injuries or disfigurement due to an unexpected Las Vegas auto accident, contact the best car accident attorney Adam S Kutner immediately for a free consultation. If there are no damages to the property or injuries, no need to call the police. If you are asked to pay or sign any papers except a traffic ticket, do not agree. Ensure that you first communicate with your attorney and insurance company and let them decide who was at fault. You can also collect proofs by taking photos of the accident scene, making a drawing that shows the positions of all vehicles involved before moving them. If there are any witnesses involved in the accident, collect their names and addresses.

 Make sure to note down the name and registration numbers of all the vehicles involved. You can also note down the names and badge numbers of the police present. In any case, do not reveal how much insurance cover you have. If the police arrests you and asks you to give a statement, you are not required to say or sign anything unless you have contacted your lawyer and obtained legal advice. You have to report all the details of the accident to your insurance company immediately even if you have no plans to make a claim. If you decide to make a claim later, the claim process will depend on the insurance cover of yours and others involved in the accident.

 If you have been injured in the car accident, then ensure that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance companies and you are able to get the maximum compensation to pay for the medical bills, lost wages, car repairs and other unexpected expenses. Since more than 26 years, the car accident attorneys at the law office of AdamSKutner have been successfully handling such cases to get the maximum settlement for the injuries of their clients as quickly as possible.

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