The Hype Around Chocolate Diamond® Engagements

Becoming engaged to the person you love can be the most memorable moment of your life. Besides the emotional reward of meeting the one person you can spend your life with, the way you get engaged also holds great importance. One of the significant aspects of your engagement is the ring. Whether you are the one buying it or receiving it, an engagement ring holds more power than you can imagine.

For centuries diamonds have been at the forefront of the engagement ring industry. As of late, Chocolate Diamonds® have become the new trend in wedding rings. There is a lot of thought and hype behind a Chocolate Diamond® product, especially when it comes to rings. For example, their quality, the size, the intensity of the color and the retail markup are all a part of this new hype around brown diamonds.

Hype Around Chocolate Diamond

The Chocolate Diamond® Popularity

LeVian has earned a reputable position in the diamond world with their Chocolate Diamonds®. Their marketing has led to an ordinary brown industrial diamond becoming one of the rarest and most sought out jewels in the international market. Some people even consider them to be better than normal crystal ones. The importance given to the image and desirability of Chocolate Diamonds® is what made them so popular for engagements. With their high quality and prominent colors, more people are choosing their engagement diamond from LeVian.

Is the Hype Real?

There is a rising curiosity around these novel Chocolate Diamond® engagement rings. But why have these stones taken over the international market so quickly?

Less Expensive

A regular diamond engagement ring is quite hiked up in price and may cost up to $8000, depending on the carat and clarity. Instead of wasting a lot of extra money on a colorless stone, people are opting for the less costly Chocolate Diamond®. Not only do they make engagement rings look special and unique but they will also not destroy your bank balance.

Celebrity Status

LeVian designed and released new collections of Chocolate Diamond® rings exclusively for celebrities. So when Rihanna and J-Lo adorned these rings at high profile events, it raised more public awareness for this fashion forward trend. The prices were considerably less than traditional diamonds and people realized they could get a colored engagement ring for as low as $750.

A Personalized Symbol

These diamonds have broken the template and mold of regular engagement rings. This way people can design a personalized experience for their partner. The design of a unique chocolate rings speaks volumes about how much you love your partner, and you can accomplish it at a fraction of the original price.

Investment Opportunity

Diamonds truly are forever and they only go up in price. This is also true for Chocolate Diamonds® so in ten years’ time, your wife’s engagement ring could be twice what you paid for it! Chocolate Diamond®  stones do not wear off or degrade, so they are a perfect choice for investment.


The hype around Chocolate Diamonds® is real, especially in engagements. And with all of its perks, it’s no wonder the trend is continuing.

Adore Yourself with Exclusive Long Pearl Necklace

Since ancient ages pearls have been part of jewellery that is highly valuable and cherished. Natural pearls were favourite of Royal and high class people. Since the beginning of the 20th century cultured pearls came into existence and were popular due to its affordability.

One of the favourite pearl jewel kinds among women were pearl necklaces worn with fashionable as well as ethnic garments. The size of the necklaces varies as per the wearer’s choice however the long strand pearl necklace was most popular.

The reasons are:

  • It looks traditional. Whether it is wedding eve, festive occasion or special get together in all situations even simply designed long pearl necklace looks classic. It is because every pearl reflects originality, unlike other gem stones. They can be embedded in any kind of jewellery easily as they don’t need to be polished or cut like diamonds.
  • It is symbol of love, serenity and purity. They represent strong bond in relationship as pearls are natural present in pure form. They are non reactive while subjected to hardness of environment retain the ethnic quality of its similar to love bond human relationships.
  • Helps to maintain good health. Unlike other valuable ornaments pearls help to make your skin glow and safe from allergic reactions. This is because they are environment friendly and natural. Hence you can wear long strands of pure pearls or cultured pearls.
  • The pearls don’t lose their original value. Whenever you try to resale the necklaces designed with pearls you get its full value.
  • They help in calming your mind and soul. Whether you wear them because it looks stylish or ethnic, the fact is that it keeps your emotion in check. Since ancient times strand of pearls were used to calm the mind of depressed and worried people.

Pearls can be wonderful gift for your loved ones as the saying goes that you can never be wrong with pearls. Unlike other ornaments gifting a pearl indicates the depth of your love. This all time trendy ornament if kept well nourished shines for years and never fades in lustre.

Diamond Engagement Rings – Some Suggestions For Cutting Expense

When looking for engagement rings under $300, the primary problem is the expense. Everybody searches the marketplace for a less costly ring only individuals are effective who’ve adopted the fundamentals well and also have done their house-work concerning the ring.

If finances are the priority, then all kinds of rings can be found in a jeweler’s shop. However, attempt to purchase a high quality ring at affordable costs. To begin with, create a plan for the ring so you are aware the cost range before entering a store. Visit the websites from the jewelers on the internet to be able to have approximately the present prices. Then, be ready to put aside earnings of 2 or 3 several weeks especially with the objective.

Diamond Engagement Rings

After you have planned your budget, realize that still the expense might be cut further while you follow some steps. Designing of moissanite engagement rings is definitely less expensive than purchasing them in ready to use form. The couples possess the options of buying loose diamonds according to their budgets. They may also pick a setting which costs them less. So, go for customized rings to make them less expensive.

A gemstone is costly when it’s without color, perfect and it is decline in many facets. Such stone is also of greater carat. However a less costly but glittering gemstone is the one which is nothing yellow-colored colored using its brightness still great around the eyes. This type of stone for that diamond engagement rings is reasonable. The couples can purchase gemstone with invisible flaws at low costs. Should there be some blemishes or scratches on its side, the cost is going to be cheaper and also the gemstone still can be purchased to cover its scratches having a metal cover around it around the ring.

Carat alone could be a deciding element in chopping lower the general costs from the diamond engagement rings. Buy a gemstone that’s little under a couple of carat because of its affordable prices. Couple of smaller sized diamonds of the total weight of 1 carat will still set you back under just one stone of the identical carat.

Finally, you should buy online if you’re a budget couple. The internet retail jewelers offer discount engagement rings at huge discounts. A diamond ring during the time of wedding season is going to be further cheaper in the online sellers. However the jewelry expert should be genuine and should provide you with a refund policy so the inadequately designed ring could be came back. Stick to the basics to reduce the expense.

Why Diamond Stud Earrings Never Go Out Of Time

Stud earrings are usual fashion pieces of accessories that women have in their collection. From different designs, gems, metals and so many more types to choose from, stud earrings go well in any kind of wardrobe. If there is one type of stud earrings that will never go out of time, it will be a pair diamond-studded earring.

Here are some of the reasons why:**Timeless piece of simplicity and elegance combined Diamonds can be matched with any kind of wardrobe as long as the occasion is appropriate, especially when the way it sparkles accentuates the entire wardrobe.

Diamond Stud

These goes specifically for formal gatherings, ceremonies and when attending galas and theatre performances. So if you are invited to attend a wedding of a friend or a relative or perhaps will be celebrating the official opening of an establishment, then you can never go wrong with stud earrings. These accessories are also appropriate when dressing up for office work.

These are perfect to be worn when a woman’s hair is lifted upwards – revealing the spark created by the studs alone. When going out for the night, women can match a pair of stud earrings with a simple bracelet or black-strapped watch. Just make sure that your hair is tucked behind your ear or at least is bun-tied or tied in a way that the earring can still be seen.

**Diamond-Studded earrings come in so many designs even when hanging out in the mall, running errands for the day or attending a very important meeting, women sporting a pair of diamond earrings will make a positive statement. It says so much about their preference and the way they want to stand out.

Keep in mind that people can sometimes guess your character and personality depending on the clothes you wear as well as with the accessories that you wear. With so many varieties to choose from women will definitely never run out of options. There are so many cuts, shapes, patterns and styles of diamond stud earrings to choose from. There are also different sizes to choose from that will fit different shapes of women’s faces.

Some designs can also be paired with different other gems. Depending on what type of outfit or dress, diamond earrings can accessorize more than enough what with its indescribable elegance. Because it comes in so many shapes and forms, diamond earrings can also be the perfect gift for any woman.

At one point in their lives, women will present themselves formally, so this elegant pair will do them perfect justice. After all, these pairs are not often too expensive. Depending on the karats of each pair of these earrings, it can be bought at any jewelers. Some offer huge discounts and reasonable prices.

Last, but of course not the least, every penny for a pair of diamond stud earrings will not be worth it if not worn with confidence. With creativity and lots of confidence, women can exude spark just like the same pair of earrings they wear. After all, diamonds are supposed to be forever that is why as long as women are confident in themselves, so should the sparkle be in the pair of diamond stud earrings they are wearing.

Types Of Diamond Rings From Polished Diamonds!

It is true that Diamonds are women’s companion and it’s quite fatal mix if they are inserted in bands. There are several occasions if you purchase diamond bands specially when there are effective discount period on diamond jewellery. Mostly these rings are purchased for the objective of engagement.

 The history pattern of these diamond engagement rings is dated back to 15th century. With coming years and centuries the designs of diamond rings also evolved from traditional look to more elegant and sophisticated look and with every passing generation a new enticing charm of diamond rings are discovered. You will find graceful however elegant fashion of diamond rings around the world to-day but when it comes to buying the best that again you need to trust the collection of most reliable diamond dealer Polished Diamonds in NZ.

 Diamond Rings

Throughout these early centuries there were limited choices on diamond rings in terms of colour and pattern but you will find a wide array of options on diamond rings these days whether it’s in colour or type. Even the admiration of the diamond ring is determined by its cut so let’s see some wonderful and different types of diamond pieces.

  1. Round Brilliant diamond ringsAbout 60-65% diamond offered in the market are in round form that is why it’s considered among the most common kinds of cut in diamonds.
  2. Oval shaped diamond ringsIn order to give you the illusion of longer hands oval shaped diamonds are often used in bands. More over the oval shaped diamonds are common for reflecting light well.
  3. Marquise shaped diamond ringsMarquise diamonds are slender and long but are slightly thicker in heart usually they’re very much like oval shaped diamonds. The Pear shaped stone is actually the centre name of marquise and oval shape.
  4. Heart shaped diamond ringIt’s quite difficult to get the ideal heart shaped diamond. But if you are looking for specifically this shape with excellent brilliance then it is time to browse the collection of diamond rings from Polished Diamonds.

Making the right selection on diamond jewellery require a perfect combination of creativity, comprehensive knowledge on diamonds and use of latest technology and these all attributes you will discover in the collection on Polished Diamonds. They are considered one of the best dealers in New Zealand for diamond jewellery including rings, pendants and earrings.

What are you waiting for? Browse the collection of diamond rings from polished diamonds today for best buy.