How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Dress for your Daughter

The holiday season is a time for family gatherings, good food, and the opportunity to make great memories.  If you have a large family or plan to be host for the holidays, make sure to prepare ahead of time; planning ahead will ensure you have a betterti me during the festivities. While you’re rushing to wrap gifts and preparing the holiday feast, don’t forget to plan what you’re going to wear during the holidays.

If you have a daughter, this means finding a beautiful and festive dress for her as well.  Holiday dresses tend to be fancier than everyday options, so they are usually a bit more expensive.  There are a few things you should consider when shopping for a holiday dress, especially if you are on a budget or want to find something that will last for more than one season.

Dress for your Daughter

Choosing a Dress to LastWhen choosing a holiday dress, your daughter will likely want to wear it for more than one occasion so make sure she loves her dress.  As the parent, you will have the final decision, but it is a good idea to have your daughter’s input as well.  If you buy something she hates, chances are it will make the holidays even more stressful and create unnecessary tension or drama.  The shopping experience doesn’t have to be a chore and can actually be fun if your daughter is excited and involved in the process.

You also want to avoid super-trendy styles that may be unpopular in a few months.  Fabrics such as satin and taffeta are classic choices and traditional favorites for holiday dresses.  Embroidering details, lace, bows, flowers, pleats, ruffles, and bold colors are common embellishments but you should consider the age appropriateness of certain design elements, especially if you want it to last for years to come.Sizing is probably one of the most important considerations, especially since children grow so quickly.

Most importantly, the dress should be comfortable and easy to move in since she will likely be wearing the dress for the entire day.  If you are buying the dress in advance or hope it will last for several years, you may want to buy a larger size.  This gives you the flexibility to have it tailored, then let out as she grows.  Many holiday dresses are tea-length meaning it falls near the bottom of the calf; you can also choose a full length dress since it will eventually become a tea-length dress as your daughter grows.

Dressing for Cold WeatherThe winter months mean colder temperatures, so you may want to consider this when purchasing a holiday dress.  You can always add stockings or a jacket to cover exposed limbs, but you can also find dresses made specifically for this time of year.  Many styles emphasize textures and layers which provide extra warmth; thicker materials such as velvet and corduroy are popular choices just for this reason.  It is also common to find many dresses that incorporate sleeves during the colder months.

Shopping on a BudgetMany holiday dresses, especially from specialty stores and boutiques, can get extremely pricey.  It’s not wrong to want the best for your children, but that’s no reason to break the bank.  Even if you are able to make the dress last beyond one season, chances are it will still only be worn a few times unless it is passed on to younger siblings or cousins.  Do your research and ask other mothers advice about where to shop before you spend the entire holiday budget on your daughter’s dress.With advancing technology, you can also shop online to find great deals on holiday dresses.  If you search through online promotions you can find great bargains.

Online shopping gives you the comfort of searching from your own home, eliminating hours of travel. In addition, shopping online can make finding a dress quicker; you can specify your search by size, brand, or color to narrow your selections.

Your daughter can even shop with you to ensure you find a dress everyone loves.  Before you purchase online, make sure to review sizing measurements and return policy.Written by Allen at Pink Princess, who has been in the children’s clothing business for over a decade.

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