How to Buy the Best Makeup Brush Set

There are certain very important items to include in your makeup kit for effectiveness. One of such items is the makeup brush set. It makes makeup application a lot easier than ever.  It will also add more confidence and ensure that your makeup looks nice everywhere you go. Using another item for makeup application may not produce as good a result as when you use the right makeup application tool. Using the right tool ensures that the makeup looks like the work of a professional when you are through with the application.  Continue reading to learn about a couple of things to consider when choosing  the makeup brush set

Check the fiber

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a makeup brush set is the material with which the brush is made. You are always better off with a makeup brush made with natural fibers instead of synthetic fibers.  This is because natural or organic fibers are more effective and softer than any other type of fiber.  The natural fibers are natural hair!  The cuticles present in the natural fibers can attach to and also hold the pigment of the makeup brush until after applying them to the face.  You can also look for cruelty-free items when purchasing the makeup brush.

Best Makeup Brush Se

Other features to consider

When buying your makeup brush set, always consider the points below:

  • The most expensive and softest bristles originate from the hair of blue squirrel
  • You can also go for the more affordable options, which are made from the hair of a sable, pony or goat
  • Synthetic brush may not be as good as the natural brush, but the former is reliable for applying your liquid makeup, like concealers and base; this is because the synthetic type is easier to clean.

Consider the tip shape

The shape of the tip is also very important when looking for the right makeup brush set to buy. You are always better off with a brush having a dome shaped tip since such makeup brush set can roll more evenly on the face when you are applying your makeup.  If the brush tip is flat, it may drag the makeup during application.  With the curved shape of the brush, it will be far easier to control the makeup application.

Consider the quality

High quality makeup brush may be expensive, but it will always give top value for money.  Such brushes may even last for a lifetime, which means you should consider them when buying makeup brush set. However, make sure you take very good care of them so that they can serve you for long. Make sure you clean the brush at least once in a month; this can be done by swishing the brush part in a mixture of warm water and shampoo.  Rinse afterwards and place on a towel on the counter until they dry.

  • A concealer or brush is the perfect choice for concealing blemishes  and dark circles
  • A duo fiber brush is the best choice for applying both powdered and liquid makeup
  • A soft, full, rounded brush is the best for applying powder.

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