How To Accessorize With Your Outfit

You’re ready to go out with your friends, head out on a date or pick out your clothes for school or work. What should you wear? This question always comes up for a true style star like you.  It is a bummer when you feel like the answer is always: Buy a whole new outfit!  Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Instead of buying a whole new look every time you want to look and feel amazing you can learn how to accessorize with the outfit that you already have in your closet. You would be surprised how the right jewelry, sunglasses, hat, leg warmers or other accessories can give you a totally different look. Let’s walk through creating a new look with the same clothes by just adding new accessories that don’t cost much.

 Accessorize With Your Outfit

You can find a way to incorporate new pieces by thinking about your style from head to toe.HeadLet’s take it from the top—the top of your head that is!  Wear a hat to give your outfit a different look.  If your clothes are all one color, like black, try a bright hat for a noticeable pop of color. If you can’t find a hat you like, try a colorful scarf with a bold print or pattern. There are all kinds of ways to tie a scarf and make a statement and this works for girls and guys.

If you are not sure about which colors to mix and match use a color wheel to inspire color combinations you might not have thought about.FaceA pair of LBGs—large black glasses—can be the perfect edgy accessory to punch up almost any outfit. Or, try different shapes and colors of glasses, even the clear nerd look to add some fun and variety to your look.NeckAdd some flair to your clothes by draping a scarf around your neck or wearing a bold necktie.

 If neither one of these is your thing think about a bold statement necklace or layering several small necklaces.Arms, Waist, LegsIf you figure out how to accessorize with your outfit by dressing up your arms, waist or legs, then you can really make a fashion statement because these areas provide so many different options.

Your arms, wrists and hands give you the opportunity to rock:BraceletsCloth or jewelry sleeves and cuffsPatches and pinsRingsWatchesOn your waist and chest you can wear a:BeltScarfChainPocket watchBody jewelryYour legs and feet are a great way to show off:Leg warmersBoots and shoesAnkletsKnee highsFun socksThe key to accessorizing well is deciding on one or two areas to make stand out. You don’t want to accessorize every part of your body. That is too dramatic and actually takes away from your style. Instead decide on one or two areas to add pops of style and make sure they are not competing.

Also, think about mixing colors, fabric, textures and patterns to add some variety which makes an outfit stand out more.Most important of all: Have fun with your clothes and accessories!  Style is less about the clothes and more about how you uniquely express yourself.

So ignore trends, do things that are cool to you, even if you have to wear a school uniform, and use these head-to-toe tips to totally express yourself with new accessories that feel like they were made just for you!Written by Edmond A. Edmond loves the fashion world and one day wants to write for a fashion magazine.

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