Need a Barber Urgently? Here’s How You Can Get One

Sometimes it can be hard to find time out of your schedule to go to a barber. With the impending stress that comes from a full time job, schoolwork and personal life, there is almost no occasion when you can decide you need a change. This can be especially hard for men since there is less pressure towards grooming and looking good than what women have to undergo.

However, it can become unavoidable to take a step back and evaluate your looks at a certain point. By then it may seem like it’s too late to make an instant change but that is not the case. If your hair has been grown out and looks messy then there is not much you can do except go to a barber. But you may have to wait till there is an open spot for you on the weekend.

Why are Barbers Important?

Barbers are the essence of the salon industry. A good barber not only knows your preference, but he also knows your hair better than you. Your barber should know when your hair is due for a haircut and what will look good on it. It can be hard to accomplish this if you do not have a set barber. Picking the right one is necessary and requires a lot of thinking.

Here is how you can get a great barber on an urgent time slot:

Consult the Internet

The internet is your best friend when it comes to choosing the right business for your needs. You can easily go online and search for the highest rated salons nearby to see which one better suits the hairstyle you have.

Use an App

An easier way to pick the right place for your haircut is using a barber appointment app. You can look for good salons in your area and then see which of the barbers available are good for you. You can directly message them to learn a bit more about their services and then make your decision.

Visit Your Local Salon

Once you are sure of your decision, the next step is visiting the hairdressers. Since you have already done your research and now only have to sit in a chair for a few hours, you will be relaxed. The salon will take good care of your hair and provide any other service you may require.

Explain Your Preference
Even when you are in the chair and your barber has his scissors, you can explain exactly what you need to him. You can show him a picture, give a description and then trust him to give you the kind of fade and precision that you specifically came there for.


Getting a barber these days is not a hard task. With easy access to the internet and apps, your job is made easier and less time consuming. You can simply put in your details, do an internet search and contact the person you like to set up an appointment without exerting any extra energy.

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Thrift Clothing Finds

Thrift store shopping may seem less glamorous than hopping around the downtown mall, but there are tons of treasures waiting to be discovered at your local thrift store. As a culture, we tend to seek out new, poorly made clothes rather than shop a thrift store in an effort to keep up with trends.

But the beauty (or frustration) with fashion trends is they are very much cyclical. What’s more, you can often find high-quality hand-me-downs a thrift store at a much lower price point than if you were to buy new. Many thrift store aficionados love finding vintage pieces that have come back into style after years.

And the savviest of thrift store shoppers know how to see the potential in the abandoned pieces that adorn the shelves of thrift stores. Sometimes, with a little tweak, a forlorn piece of clothing can shine again. Try out some of these tips for your thrift store clothing finds.

Thrift Clothing Finds

Add to it

Either to suit your own personal aesthetic, make an item more modest, or to fit a piece in the latest trends, you can add wardrobe elements to your thrift store find to give the piece new life or a fresh take on an old look. Some easy fixes include adding a cardigan or bolero, pairing with leggings or donning a skirt extender to give an old piece a completely different take. It can be amazing the difference small additions can have.

Accessorize it

Perhaps nothing transforms an outfit more or gives a more complete look than the proper accessories. Jewelry is an easy place to start — with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, brooches, (all of which you can also pick up at a local thrift store for some unique finds!).

But don’t limit yourself there. Suspenders are a cute funky way to dress up new pants. Belts, both regular and fashion ones, can transform a dress into a look and hats can complete any look.

Repair it

Let’s be real, sometimes thrift store buys are diamonds in the rough. For a high-quality piece, it can be worth it to buy with the intent to repair it or shine it up if the raw materials are still good. You can do any number of repairs like changing buttons or zippers. For wool or woven pieces, it’s easy to remove pilled fibers using a shaving razor blade and tying off ends on the interior of the fabric. Or for jean fabrics, you can go the opposite way, distressing it more for the style.

Alter it

If a piece has a faded color, you can buy relatively cheap fabric dyes to spruce it up. You could also change its color pretty easily using bleach and a new dye, just make sure you follow the proper instructions and wash carefully afterwards.

For skirts and pants, you can hem them or let them out to suit the current trends in length. Or, again for pieces deemed high enough quality, consider taking it to a tailor to have it customized to your body. It can be a worthy expense to wear truly fantastic vintage pieces.

Remove trinkets or baubles

Some pieces inexplicably have a lot of baubles or trinkets that do nothing to improve the look of the outfit (we’re looking at you, jackets from the 80s.) Or these baubles have been worn over time and make the piece look old. So do away with them. They often are loosely sewn on and are easily removed, immediately improving the look of the clothing and modernizing it as well.

Don’t skimp on the local thrift store. With patience and a keen eye, and sometimes a few strategies to spice up your finds, you can pick up amazing clothes.

Follow The Top 12 Fashion Styles In 2017

If you’re a self-confessed fashionista and are interested in adding a few new pieces to your 2017 wardrobe, simply continue reading to discover 12 fashion trends, that are set to take the fashion world by storm.

Top 12 fashion styles that will affect your life in 2017:

1. Statement sneakers

Statement sneakers

If you prefer stylish flats to six-inch heels, you’re in luck as statement sneakers are trendy again. Whilst 2016 was all about Stan Smith sneakers, 2017 is all about statement kicks which boast bold patterns and colors. Don’t be surprised if half of your friends invest in a pair of animal print sneakers. If you’re on the shorter side and need all the help you can get, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief as high heel sneakers are also hitting this year’s catwalks.

2. Striped pants

Striped pants

Whilst you may have owned your fair share of staple navy and white striped tees, in 2017 expect to see striped pants hanging in all of your favorite clothing stores. As the weather heats up, you may be tempted to pair a stylish pair of loose, high waisted, striped pants with a crop top and a pair of high heel, leather sandals. For a grungier look, simply style a pair of black and white striped skinny jeans, with a leather jacket.

3. Classic trench coats

Classic trench coats

If you don’t have a trench coat hanging in your wardrobe, do yourself a favor and invest in a high-quality trench coat, that you’ll wear throughout spring, summer, and fall. If you can’t afford an iconic Burberry trench coat, don’t worry as inexpensive stores such as H&M and Forever 21 stock more affordable options. If you’re looking for a trench coat, that’s on trend, opt for a style which boasts an oversized buckle.

4. Athleisure


If you’re a self-confessed gym bunny, it’s time to thank the fashion gods as athleisure is a trend, that’s here to stay. For an everyday outfit that will take you from the gym to the grocery store, to lunch with your friends, pair a flattering pair of figure hugging Lululemon tights with a bright colored tank and a pair of Nike kicks. If you have an aversion to Lululemon, it’s well worth checking out J Crew’s line of athleisure wear. Alternatively, Stella McCartney also designs athleisure for Addidas, which is worn by a variety of celebrities. An example of which includes tennis pro-Caroline Wozniacki.

5. Platform heels

Platform heels

It’s time to ditch last year’s high heel loafers, for a pair of kick ass platforms. If you were too young to sport a pair of Platforms, during the Spice Girls’ heyday, it’s well worth forking out for a pair of platform heels in 2017 as they are set to become one of 2017’s hottest trends. If you’re looking to splurge Balenciaga has you covered, whilst if you’re looking for a pair of platform’s which won’t break the bank head to ASOS.

6. Metallic mini dresses

Metallic mini dresses

Switch up your classic little black dress for one of 2017 ‘s hottest trends a metallic mini dress. A variety of designer brands such as Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent have recently debuted head-turning metallic mini dresses, during their runway shows. A metallic mini dress is a great investment piece as you’ll be able to wear it to your friends’ birthdays and engagement parties. Better yet, when you’re broke from Christmas and New Years rolls around, you’ll have the perfect party dress, hanging in your wardrobe.

7. Flower power

Flower power

If metallic mini dresses aren’t quite your cup of tea, you may be more excited about the floral trend which is taking 2017 by storm. Not only are floral shirtdresses exceptionally popular this year but you can also expect to see pieces such as floral bomber jackets and floral rompers, hitting your favorite clothing stores. Some examples of brands which have already stocked stylish floral pieces include Michael Kors, Coach, and Dolce & Gabbana.

8. Army style fatigues

Army style fatigues

One way to successfully incorporate 2017’s army fatigue trend into your wardrobe is to purchase staple pieces such as a military green, drop waisted, shirt dress and an army inspired winter coat. If you are interested in turning heads, why not opt for a military style coat which boasts large coin style buttons? If you’re sick of wearing jeans on an everyday basis, you may also be interested in adding a fashion forward pair of skinny fit khaki pants to your wardrobe.

9. Bridal-inspired dresses

Bridal-inspired dresses

You don’t have to wait till your wedding day, to wear head to toe white. 2017 is definitely the year of bridal inspired casual and formal dresses. Expect to see floaty, white maxi dresses and white lace midi dresses, take the fashion world by storm. If you’re planning a summer getaway, it’s well worth investing in a floor length, the white maxi that will take you from the beach to a romantic dinner, for two. Some examples of designers who have released bridal inspired dresses as part of their 2017 Spring collections include J Mendel, Rodarte, Erdem and Michael Kors.

10. Plaid coats

Plaid coats

When fall arrives, expect to see plaid and tartan style wool coats, in the windows of all of your favorite stores. In fact, a variety of designers such as Victoria Beckham and Rachel Zoe, have already debuted plaid coats for 2017. If you’re particularly brave you may want to opt for a plaid coat which boasts a fun, fur collar.

11. Pinafore style dresses

Pinafore style dresses

If you never attended a private school, chances are that youVe never owned a pinafore style dress. However, pinafore style dresses, are set to be one of 2017’s most popular trends. To style a pinafore dress, layer a white v neck tee or a white shirt underneath your pinafore style dress. To complete your look, add a pair of brogues or ankle boots to your look. Alternatively, pinafore dresses can also be styled with turtlenecks.

12. Backless, leather loafers

Backless, leather loafers

Backless, leather loafers are a style staple as they can be worn with dresses, skirts, shorts and a pair of basic skinny jeans. As they are so versatile, you may also find that backless leather loafer, make a fantastic alternative to wearing stilettos to work.

So what are you waiting for? Why not hit your favorite stores, in order to update your wardrobe for the year ahead?

Fabric Patterns within Designer clothing

Breakdown of Weaving With some exceptions, most materials employed in designer clothing are generally weaved. This simply means the vast, toned screws associated with cloth the particular garments is lower coming from ended up at first made by using hair strands of cloth and interlacing all of them, typically duotone monocle in right-angles to each other.

The main difference in between one bolt of weaved fabric and the some other is determined by the types of materials utilized, the process utilized to place the person lengths jointly, as well as the measurement and spacing with the fabric.

Lots of the phrases related to weaving tend to be not necessarily important to learn when buying designer clothing, or even clothes of any type — the primary get your interest as being a buyer needs to have is knowing the real difference between the stop products, and ways to discover all of them.

It can be, nonetheless, worth spotting the actual terms textile depend (typically merely “count”) along with textile fat, because these are routine expectations of top quality. Material depend refers to the variety of posts for each square inch inside a textile; the greater the count number, the more durable and resistance against put on the information will likely be.

Material bodyweight is normally split into light-, medium-, and heavy- or perhaps bottom-weight materials, and provides an excellent sign of the fabric’s ideal purpose — the wintertime cover produced from medium-weight made of wall will probably be not enough defense, although any tank top created from anything but light-weight organic cotton may be uncomfortably weighty.

 Frequent Meanders as well as Stitched Towel in Men’s clothing there are numerous a large number of different ways of weaving fabric, every single using its very own identify. Luckily, nearly all designer clothing utilizes only a few common creation techniques and also common resources.

 Several conditions recommend completely for the material used, while others designate a unique stitched patter, and a few designate both at once. Plain Patterns Most effective fabric to make is a basic weave.

If you happen to manufactured potholders as well as containers as well as other handicraft type of task involving spread connectors as a kid, you’ve made a noticeable place — any interweave the place that the posts pass alternatingly around and under one another is a plain weave. This particular creates a towel that is the exact same on facets, and it is quite typically completed in made of wool to make the actual cloth regarding fit overcoats and also pants.

 Almost any carefully thread can be used to produce a simple interweave, despite the fact that worsted wool — a unique form of string where the made of wall materials lie together with one other throughout extended lots — will be conventional pertaining to matches, and generates a quite strong and comfy material.

  Worsted yarn may be used throughout basic patterns to create robust, easy woolen outfits. Because the front and rear regarding simple stitched fabric is similar, it is just an extremely popular approach forpatternedfabrics. Strings involving different type of hues could be intertwined to create habits, producing familiar materials such as gingham and madras, which reference the method of design (plain woven) and the structure.

Twill Weaves more complicated type of weaving entails off-setting the particular carefully thread each and every time this moves within carefully thread or number of strings working the opposite direction; this technique produces the twill family associated with meanders. Twill weaved cloth carries a distinct diagonal routine into it, and can generally go looking diverse on one hand.

Many adult men will understand your slanted pattern of the twill incorporate off their blue jeans, and also coming from alterations for example the decorative herringbone (repetitive V-shapes as well as chevrons inside cloth) and hounds tooth.

Fabric Patterns

A rendering from the hounds tooth twill, with balanced out styles manufactured by your posts. Many materials are generally indicated both when you’re twill-woven through using a particular material; chino for illustration is a delicate cloth produced from twill-woven cotton. A strong twill incorporate throughout worsted constructed from wool can be used to produce the cruel cloth referred to as gabardine, which can be nevertheless used by some high-quality tailors to make the actual pouches of their unique fits.

Seersucker Meanders Popular being a United States along with particularly Southeast affectation, seersucker won’t — as they are usually erroneously believed — talk about a specific routine involving striping. It is a difficult interweave regarding material that will need various stress to become employed from various factors, developing its attribute uneven consistency. A close-up involving environmentally friendly along with white seersucker, exhibiting its distinctive weave along with feel. Seersucker is just made with natural cotton strings, which is expensive to develop due to the slower and complex weaving course of action. It includes amazing comfort in heat, however, and requirements tiny proper care as it’s machine-washable along with very tough.

A close-up involving environmentally friendly along with white seersucker, exhibiting its distinctive weave along with feel. Seersucker is just made with natural cotton strings, which is expensive to develop due to the slower and complex weaving course of action. It includes amazing comfort in heat, however, and requirements tiny proper care as it’s machine-washable along with very tough.

While azure as well as white-colored striping tend to be most frequent, seersucker can be created in any colour.Exactly what Adult men Want to know Regarding Meanders The main element point to learn is the thing that each place really does and also why you should — or must not — buy it.

Ordinary weaves are the best to make, usually the most affordable, making excellent tops that keep colors along with habits well. They are also the most common class of patterns utilized in wool matches, plus a go well with made from simple stitched worsted wool remains the sector common.

Twill weaves will be more appropriate for 100 % cotton slacks, jeans, and a few shirts, whilst they can also be used with wool strings to produce patterns like herringbone for match overcoats. Twill is easily identifiable since the front and back sides in the material will forever fluctuate colored along with consistency, even when zero dye has been used.

Seersuckers a really distinct interweave, very easily identified by its lumpy feel, and just right for light and portable cotton clothing. It’s very evocative regarding summer, the actual American To the south, as well as a far more laid-back manner compared to other meanders. You can find, needless to say, a large number of weaves all round, and some really certain on the type of thread employed and a few much more standard, yet a man knowledgeable about these layman’s terms can go into a clothes keep well-armed.

The History of Carhartt Clothing

Carhartt inc. was established in 1899 by Hamilton Carhartt following his development of a furniture business. Through his previous venture, Hamilton realized that you needed a unique selling point to succeed and set out to create work wear with a difference.

The uniqueness did not only extend to the clothing either, he even added a T to his name to make it stand out!Early ProductsThe company was founded to make clothing for railway workers and after speaking to his potential buyers Carhartt evolved a totally new garment to meet their specific requirements.

 Carhartt Clothing

The overall was born and was initially made from duck and denim fabrics. With just 4 sewing machines and 5 employees, Hamilton set out to make durable and comfortable workwear to be proud of, traveling around the country’s railway stations to build demand for his product.

ExcellenceHamilton strove for excellence and over the years the company has evolved innovative ways of adding quality and durability to the clothing. These included the use of heavy duty threads, strengthening rivets at vital stress points and the use of new fabrics resistant to flames and water. The organization continued to expand but was then severely affected by The Great Depression.

 By 1930, Carhartt only has three manufacturing centers still operating in the United States.20th CenturyThroughout the rest of the century Carhartt expanded once more. Hamilton died in 1937 and so did not see the growth of the company encompass 17 plants and 3 mills across North America and Europe. The high-quality cloth was designed and woven especially for Carhartt products and was promised to be the best there was around and the company strove to achieve the highest standards in everything they did.

Hamilton himself once declared, “I believe that when a man wears an article that I manufacture, his self-respect is increased because he knows that it is made by an honest manufacturer, who is honest with his employees”Modern TimesOver the years Carhartt expanded their range to include jackets, overalls, coats, shirts, jeans, and footwear.

The fashionable construction won a street appeal and celebrities adopted the brand. The company now produce an extensive range of highly popular street clothes offering a twist on the work wear brand. From 2007 woman’s wear was added to complete the collection. Due to the increased range, high demand and major competition from other brands much of Carhartt’s production now takes place abroad in South America, China, and the Philippines.

However, in 2012 the company announced it would be producing 7 of its core products only in the United States. These items will sport a made in the USA label.FamilyToday Carhartt is still a family owned company striving for excellence in durable, comfortable clothing for both works and play. Their ethic is summed up in the words of their founder, “Carhartt goods are not cheap from the dollars and cents point of view, but when wear, service, and satisfaction are taken into consideration, they are indeed the best value in the world.”

Comfortable and Savvy Formal Wear Rental

If you are looking for great formal wear for special occasions, Savvi Formalwear is here at your service. No matter if you are looking for a great prom dress, or a fashionable tuxedo to wear as winter formal or at your homecoming party, they have the very best designer tuxedos to offer you for rent.

You can visit their stores and have a look yourself at the great variety of collections they offer. They simply hope that they do not confuse you with such a great number of choices! For a look at their complete collection, visit their website.

Formal Wear

What formal wear you will wear at an occasion depends on a few factors. The first thing to know is the kind of occasion you are attending to, and what kind of dress code is customary for such occasions. You must check if the party takes place during day or night. The color and style of your tux may vary depending upon this information. You can allow yourself to go the trendy way if you are planning to turn up at a prom or at some occasion with a lighter and intimate atmosphere, such as your homecoming party.

Then again, if you are a groom at a wedding, or are attending a wedding as the usher or the best man at your friend’s wedding, we have special wedding tuxedos for these occasions. In any case, if you find yourself to be in any kind of uncertainty as to what to wear at an occasion, our certified formal wear consultants are here to help you with the right suggestions.

You may like to coordinate your tux with the dress your date is wearing. In such a situation, you only have to give us the color your dress is wearing at the function, and we will find a proper outfit that will complement the color and style of your date. Our tuxedos will feature a jacket, trousers, a cummerbund or vest, and a bow tie.

 We have many different styles of jackets available at our store. You can go for traditional single bested jackets, or for double or triple breasted, or even trendier ones, depending on the occasion you will be attending. We also offer to accessorize your outfit with the right kinds of shoes and shirts that you must wear with your chosen tuxedo outfit. Some may also like to accessorize their outfit with a hat, or a stud set.

You will find all these at Savvi Formalwear and more.At Savvi Formalwear, we offer the latest designer formal wear and tux from all the top fashion lines including Jean Yves, Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, Ralph Lauren, Claiborne, and Red Sleeve. Our aim is to provide you with appropriate formal wear that will be comfortable to wear, will look classy, and will perfectly match the personality of the wearer. Please visit to know more about our collections, and the rental costs for different varieties of tuxedos and formal wear.

Stuck for a Fancy Dress Costume? Think Kigurumi

Fancy dress functions are great fun and are a super opportunity to express the fun side of your personality. You can go as whoever or whatever you like and no one will think anything of it because the object of the exercise is to have a good time. Sometimes, though, it can be tough making up your mind what to wear.

Themed functions are comparatively simple, but if there is no theme the headaches sometimes begin – a free hand often means that there are just too many choices. Luckily for you, Kigurumi has come to the rescue with a range of animal onsies that are comfortable, easy to wear and, most important, just great fun.

Fancy Dress Costume

So what sort of mood are you in? If you are feeling playful a monkey or kitten will suit you well. Or, if you on the prowl, how about a tiger? The Kigurumi catalogue will have an animal onesie that will suit your mood and personality.

Take up the challenge. This is your chance to indulge in what the Japanese call cosplay, so don’t just wear your onesie, act out the role and become it (but just in fun – we wouldn’t want an alligator chewing through the other party guests now, would we!)The beauty of animal onesies is that you be independent or you can get together with friends and go as a group – a herd of elephants or a troop of playful monkeys.

 And you can always make your onesie a little more unique by adding an accessory or two – perhaps a mouse if you are a cat or some bananas or peanuts for the monkey outfit (very handy if you get peckish.)Kigurumi animal onesies are great for fancy dress or other party occasions and will attract many admiring looks, so be careful that you don’t fall into a hunter’s trap.

The Cult Of The Teddy BoyEvolution

There have been many clearly distinct youth cultures in Britain with fashion statements, musical tastes and attitudes that define an era. From Punk to New Romantic, from Mod to Emo, each decade has spawned a movement of young revolutionaries trying to put their own stamp on the world whilst ironically only managing to create a culture in which everyone looks pretty much the same! But where did it all start?Edwardian FashionThe first youth group that clearly differentiated themselves were the Teddy Boys of the 1950s.

Their look, in common with all others since, was designed to shock their parents and was an evolution of an upper class trend started in the late 1940′s. In a reaction to the austerity of post war Britain a group of Saville Row tailors promoted a revival of Edwardian style to their wealthy and middle class clients. The dandy style of the clothing was then adapted by working class teenagers who created a look that acquired the name Teddy following a 1953 newspaper article which ran with a headline that shortened Edwardian to Teddy.

Teddy BoyEvolution

The ClothesThe fashion essential of the Teddy Boy style was a drape jacket, usually in a dark colour, and often with velvet collar and pocket flaps. These were worn with high necked white shirts accompanied by a thin tie, high waisted drainpipe trousers, braces and shoes with thick crepe soles, known as brothel creepers. The new dandies sported quiff hairstyles and associated themselves with the American rock and roll music of Elvis and Eddie Cochran.

GangsA gang culture of sorts emerged with regular reports of fights between rival groups. Mostly the troubles were not too serious by today’s standards but did sometimes involve knives and razors. Some of the gangs wore what almost amounted to a uniform, all wearing the same colour jacket or tie.

Unfortunately the movement also developed racist overtones with many Teds holding fascist ideals and being implicated in attacks on West Indian immigrants.RevivalThe Teddy Boy culture began to fade away towards the 1960′s and the new Mod and Rocker groups developed. The movement did experience a resurgence in the late 1970′s with Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Mclaren selling Ted influenced clothing in their shop, ”Let it Rock”.

The new Ted fashion was also influenced by the glam rock scene and featured brighter coloured jackets, satin shirts and bootlace ties. This time the music was more rockabilly than rock and roll with bands like the Stray Cats becoming popular. The emerging Punk scene with its deliberately scruffy, unkempt look moved in the opposite direction to the dandy Teds.

LegacyThe look of the New Romantics in the 1980′s took some influence from the Teds in the use of period style dress and a rather dandy image. Adam Ant even proclaimed “I’m a dandy highwayman!” Even today elements of the Teddy Boy fashion statement are reappearing. There seems to be a genuine taste for 50’s style creeper shoes at the moment with many celebrities sporting them.

Get the LookIf you feel the urge to wear the Teddy style you can source authentic 1950′s garments at vintage fashion retailers.

There are also specialist labels like Rockit that offer retro style garments at reasonable prices. Failing that the charity shops are a good starting point. The footwear is easy with many footwear brands like Truffle and Ocean now offering their own take on the creeper style and even specialist brands like T.U.K shoes with whole ranges devoted to them!

The Multi-Million Pound Industry of Sporting Fashion

One of the biggest grumbles in modern day sport is the huge price tags attached to replica jerseys – with most costing between £40 and £50. The main reason behind such an extortionate pricing model is the brand, with manufacturers paying millions of pounds every year to have their name attributed to certain teams. Suffice to say, the expensive nature of the industry has meant that most sporting kits are regarded as fashion items and are produced by some of the biggest clothing brands in the world.

We’ll now take a look at just how much some of these companies are prepared to pay when it comes to manufacturing kits for the major teams across sport out there.Adidas – Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern MunichWhen it comes to football, there’s no doubt that Adidas rule the roost. Their deal with Real Madrid is currently the biggest shirt deal in the sport, with this being worth an estimated £31m per year.

Industry of Sporting Fashion

Furthermore, it’s one that’s not going to end anytime soon, with the deal expiring in 2020.They’ve also recently signed a massive contract with Chelsea to provide their clothing, with this said to be worth around £30m per year.

With the brand being a long-term associate of German club Bayern Munich as well, it is clear to see that they are desperate to plaster their famous three stripes across the major players in European football. Of course, it’s not just football that Adidas endorses and if you switch to most sporting events, you will see a high number of athletes donning the brand’s products which are all usually available at Birmingham Runner.

Puma – ArsenalWhen it comes to fashionable sportswear, Puma is nowadays at the back of a lot of people’s mind. While the manufacturer is unquestionably one of the biggest players in the clothing industry, over recent years they seem to have taken a backseat and allowed the likes of Adidas and Nike to takeover in sport.However, it looks as though they might be making a resurgence.

They’ve just signed a huge £30m per year deal with Arsenal, which means that they jointly hold the biggest kit sponsorship package in the UK. Whether or not it is sufficient to make them one of the top players in sports fashion is another matter, but they are taking serious steps to try and make it happen.

Nike – Barcelona, Manchester United and the NFLIf we’re talking about one of the most fashionable brands in sport, few people would argue that Nike are well up there. Unsurprisingly, the brand has invested heavily in professional apparel and sponsors some of the biggest teams in the world.

Their deal with Barcelona is estimated at £27m per year, while they also hold a £23.5m contract with Manchester United.If we look away from football, Nike have made massive headway over the pond. Back in 2012 they signed a $1.1 billion deal to provide all of the apparel for the NFL. Suffice to say, this is only going to cement their place in the sports fashion industry and perhaps allow them to become the market leader.