Color Tattooing Without Black Lines

Here in the 21st century tattoos are more popular than ever before. As a $1.65 billion dollar industry approximately 45 million Americans have at least 1 tattoo on their body. There are endless reasons why individuals choose to get a tattoo, but in this day and age the number of young adults who choose this form of permanent body art is on the rise. One of the more recent trends in the tattoo industry are tattoos without black lines, using just color inks and only using black for shading purposes.

This look creates a piece of art that blends in with the skin in a more natural and potentially subtle way in the way that they do not have the harsh contrasting outlines.Types of Ink UsedWhen considering the factors of getting a tattoo done, nearly 50% of Americans consider the tattoo artist and studio reputation to be the most important influence of their decision. Keep in mind that a good tattoo artist should know their tattoo products just as well as they know how to create your artwork.

Color Tattoo

Using a lesser quality ink will result in a poor tattoo, no matter how talented the artist is. A worst case scenario when it comes to getting your artwork done would be to endure the whole tattoo process, only to be left with a poor result due to a poor quality ink. Feel free to ask your artist about the application solution they use, prior to your appointment.

Then research the product (make sure to read customer reviews during your research) and compare your options to make sure you’re getting the best product available. As you would with any kind of research, make sure to check multiple sources to ensure you learn about all different opinions both the biased and unbiased. A quality ink is not a place to skimp to save a few bucks, if you’re looking for a good long-lasting tattoo.

Lastly, watching certain videos of the process of tattooing without black lines can help prepare you for the process and know what to expect when you’re getting your tattoo.Purchasing InkIf you are a tattoo artist however, the same concept applies.

Make sure you’re using a quality ink for your customers by researching your different options and comparing not only what other artists have to say about various products, but by also reading the customer reviews to understand what the customer has to say about their experience with the product.

The easiest way to purchase your ink is to visit online stores that specialize in tattoo products. Purchasing online is a great way to not only save time but also read reviews of the products you’re interested in before you actually purchase and try out the product yourself.

Whether you’re giving or receiving a tattoo, the most important thing either party can do is research to make sure the products being used are the best available and will be the perfect medium for the artist to best display their work.Written by James McLaughlin of Intenze Products. INTENZE bridges the gap between who an artist is today and their potential for tomorrow.

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