Clenbuterol And Its Doses

Clenbuterol is a great supplement which is used to lose weight without much hassles. It is one of the best in the steroid market and is liked and used by almost every athlete, body builder, and celebrities such as singers and actresses. But this supplement is way powerful than you can think of. This is the reason you should thoroughly research it well before you start the consumption. People usually ask questions such as how much clen is good for the body? What dosage will show the results you desire? What side effects will the users see when they consume the steroid? All such questions can be answered with just a little research into this drug.

Clenbuterol Information

Clenbuterol is a very powerful supplement which can be beneficial to the humans if consumed in the right quantity only. It is ideally a controlled substance and cannot be purchased without a medical prescription. The doctors use it as a bronchodilator for horses and is not meant for human consumption. But with its great effects to lose weight on humans it is being used by the body builders and athletes who see irresistible results within them. There is a lot of discussion around the right doses of clenbuterol. This is because the drug is not prescribed by the doctors and therefore the ideal dosage is not known. But this does not mean that you cannot consume the drug in any proportion you desire. You need to analyze your body and act accordingly. Clenbuterol can be consumed at 40 mg per day by men and 20 mg per day by women to stay safe and still get the desired results. This proportion has been found out by doing a research into this drug. Clenbuterol has the best half-life among all the supplements and steroids. This means that once you consume the drug, it stays active for an x amount of time until t loses half its powers and gets ready to be flushed out of the system. This x amount is 34 hours for Clenbuterol. So, by the time you are ready for your next dose, the drug is still very much active into your system and can be overlapped by the next dosage.

You may also increase your dosage if you feel that there is not much effect of the drug on your body. This is so because there are many parameters which should fall right in place so that it shows the desired results. These parameters can be the age, height weight and the metabolism that helps the drug to work in the system. The best way to judge the results of the drug is to gage your body when you consume clenbuterol. Usually the body temperature goes up by half a degree when you consume clenbuterol. This is a normal sign that clenbuterol has been accepted by your body and is working well into the system. Once this temperature comes down you can assume that clenbuterol is losing its power in the system and it is time for your next dosage.

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