Blue Heart Pills: Benefits of Use and Dangers of Abuse

“What kind of experiences have people had with these little blue heart pills containing 10mg of Methandrostenolone? Do you think they contain what they say they contain? Do they work well? Any bad side effects?”

This is just one of the often asked question about those blue heart pills.

Knowing what these blue heart pills are, what they do and how you can use them may help you reap the benefits of its proper use and prevent the dangers of its abuse.

Blue Heart Pills Explained

Dianabol Blue hearts, those blue heart pills, is the most common brand of the most popular anabolic andronergic steroids in the market today, Methandrostenolone.

It is also known as Methandienone, Reforvit-b, Averbol, Danabol, and Dbol.

It got its name from its appearance, blue heart pills.

Benefits of Using these Blue Heart Pills

When used properly, you can have the following benefits:

  • Increase Strength and Muscle Size

Methandrostenolone increases nitrogen retention in muscles. Nitrogen is  one of  the essential building blocks of protein. The more nitrogen your muscles can hold, the more protein your cells can build which in turn can be used to build up and repair more muscles.

  • Decrease Visceral Fat

Increases the production of lactic acid   helping the muscles produce glycogen which is burned for energy while disposing carbohydrates.

  • Stimulate the Body to Adapt to Increasing Workloads and Reduce Fatigue

Increase glycogenolysis, the breakdown of glycogen into glucose which provides more energy for muscle contractions.

  • Used to Treat Brittle Bones

Effectively improves potassium and calcium levels in your body which strengthen your bones

Dangers of Abusing these Blue Heart  Pills

Used improperly, you can expect these following side effects:

  • Suppression of Androgens

All anabolic steroids suppress Androgens which are male sex hormones. Prolonged suppression will cause shriveled testes. When this happens, you are advised to supplement with testosterone.

  • Conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen

This is known as aromitization when the male hormones are converted into female hormones. Gynecomastia (man “boobs”), baldness, and bloating are common signs this is happening. Aromatase inhibitors can help with this.

  • Cause dramatic fluctuations in blood pressure

Dianabol promotes water and sodium retention in the body. This causes increase in blood pressure.

  • Cause liver failure

This is by far the most dangerous of the side effects but is totally preventable when Dianabol is used properly. This only happens with individuals who had pre-existing liver problems or did not cycle the usage of Dianabol.

The Challenge

The allure of using Dianabol is its ability to produce fast results, in as little as 4-8 weeks. These results, however,  depend entirely on dosage used.

Higher doses may cause the undesirable side effects but lower doses may not cause any results at all.

Abuse constitutes using it with higher doses and longer periods of time, longer than six weeks.

But using the proper dosage (3 pills per day for beginners and not more than 5 blue heart pills a day), and a proper cycling method, body builders have reported incredible gains and results.

So when you do decide to buy and use these blue heart pills, remember the benefits of their use and the dangers of their abuse.

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