Are You Ready for Hair Extensions?

Are you able to tell the hair extensions you just received is human hair or synthetic fibers? Actually it is hard to identify for the beginners. Natural human hair is much more expensive and offers you a lot of styling options, however, you can not do styling on synthetic extensions. Actually there are several signs you can use to ensure the extensions you bought are human hair not synthetic fibers.

First, human hair extensions are soft, if you have ever touched synthetic extensions, they are hard and you do not feel real. However, human hair extensions use the hair the same as your natural hair, so, when you receive the hair, the first thing you must ensure is that the hair must be soft to touch.

Compared with synthetic hair fibers, human hair extensions are shiny, they have a high luster like your own hair. Once attached to your own hair, they provide you with a beautiful finish.

Hair Extensions

Sometimes, synthetic hair fibers may be better, but in most cases, human hair extensions are the best choice you can not go wrong with because they last long than you expect.

When purchasing human hair extensions online, you must be very cautious. Reputable hair companies provide clients with the best virgin hair products, but some companies mix some synthetic fibers into natural hair. They do this to improve their profit. Do not buy from them, the best way is to let those hair companies to send some sample hair to you before placing your order.

If you are not sure what type of hair you are buying, pick one hair strand and burn the end to see what happens. Like your natural hair, human hair extensions will burn, but synthetic fibers will melt because they are made with plastic.

Virgin hair is the human hair extensions most women prefer. Virgin hair is unprocessed, they are cut from single donor and could be styled in various options like dying, perm and straightening. Virgin hair has all cuticles facing in the same direction.

Brazilian virgin hair extensions, like its name, these extensions come from Brazil and the hair feels very smooth and shiny, which makes it is the most ideal extensions when blending your own natural hair.

Human virgin hair extensions are sold in bundles, it is generally 100 grams per bundle and this is a great way to identify them because some only weighs about 90 grams per bundle. So, it is very important to buy from a reputable hair company.

After reading the article above, are you ready to buy virgin hair extensions? So, where to find a reputable hair company? That’s the first thing you must consider. New Star Hair is one of the top hair companies wholesale Brazilian virgin hair online. Not only they offer hair weaves, extensions, closures, frontals and wigs, their service including shipping and return can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. More important, they opened two locations in the United States, one in New York, the other is in Atlanta, so whatever hair you need from New Star, just drop by a visit to their US store.

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