A Brief Guide on Geek Chic Fashion and How to Buy

Geek, Chic and Fashion, these are the words that you might expect to hear in the same sentence, but whether it is true or it should be in the same sentence, is a matter of concern. Be thankful for the connected world, advancement in the technology and moreover the Big Bang Theory, geeks really rule. If they are having a hold in the world where we live, why they should not place their mark on the fashion world? They should be having a strong position in the fashion world always. Nowadays, the geek style is considered to be the most upcoming fashion statements.

If you are not well knowledgeable about the geek style, then it is better to have it. The Geek style is really easy to embrace and it is fun as well. Here are some of the main elements of geek chic fashion that you should consider. You should wear the geek apparel to make you look beautiful and nerd at the same time.

You may be finding out the most beautiful hair styles for girls, you can try the geek look once. In your regular hot and cute outfits, you can add a tinge of geek look in the outfit. You can keep all the admirers stare at you. If you on the list of cute girls, you can then try out the cute bow dresses to have a charming look.

Geek Chic Fashion

Now, the question is how to bring out the geek look, here are some of the pointers that you should remember-

  1. Wear the glasses– one of the most important parts of the geek fashion is to wear the glasses having a thick rim. If you are not having any problem with your eyes, just wear the glasses that have the thick rims and mainly they should be on solid colors to get a geek look off course. There is no other way than the glasses that can change your look from cool to geek style.
  2. Sock it up- you can wear a little frock or a skirt that is having a pleat and you can wear the socks with that outfit. When you are wearing the outfit with the glasses, you will be getting the ultimate geek look. Be sure that the ankle that you are wearing should have the mid ankle length. You can also go for the printed socks if you like.
  3. Try the printed or crop– you can go for the pants that are having full funky pants and cropped for giving a perfect nerd look. When you are choosing prints, you can get wide range of printed pants in the market or in the online stores.
  4. Collar Chic– the collar is the important part in the geek look. Whether you are wearing a dress or a top, the outfit should be having a collar that is contrasting with the entire dress. This is the best way to flaunt a geek look.

Hence, you have got an extensive idea of the geek chic fashion. You can try them out. It is really fashionable.

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